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Title: Combined discrete and continuous simulation in ADA
Authors: Inkster, James
Lomow, Greg
Unger, Brian W
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Nov-1983
Abstract: This paper discusses the design of an Ada package for the modelling of combined discrete and continuous systems. The package is an extended version of SAMOA, a general purpose discrete-event simulation system that uses the tasking and data abstraction constructs of Ada to provide process-oriented simulation facilities similar to those of Simula's class SIMULATION. The paper reviews the interface problems involved in combining discrete and continuous simulation, particularly the problem of co-ordinating the time advance mechanisms of the two, and describes the implementation in SAMOA of a framework that provides general and unrestricted facilities for both types of simulation and for the modelling of interactions between continuous and discrete components of a system. Other significant features of SAMOA include such user services as statistics collection, report generation, and event tracing. The paper concludes with an example of a SAMOA combined simulation that illustrates the major features of the system.
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