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Title: The JADE approach to distributed software development
Authors: Unger, Brian W
Dewar, Alan
Cleary, John
Birtwistle, Graham
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Nov-1985
Abstract: Jade is an environment that supports the development of distributed software. Components may be written in any of a number of different languages. A common inter-process communication protocol provides a uniform interface among the components. A window system allows the user to interact with many different processes at once and allows for multiple views of the same process. A hierarchical graphics system is provided for use with documentation and programming, and for support of monitoring. The non-determination of distributed systems may be controlled in order to provide repeatability of executions and to aid in prototyping real-time distributed software. Finally, the formal specification of inter-process events in Jade is supported by a communications protocol verifier, allowing run-time consistency checking. We describe these tools and their use in the development of distributed software for the control of a simulated system of parking lots.
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Birtwistle, Graham
Cleary, John

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