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Title: An Implementation of Declarative Event Patterns
Authors: Viggers, Kevin
Walker, Rob
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2004
Abstract: ion to be expressed as context-free patterns of events, and for the occurrences of these patterns to alter the course of the program s execution. As a companion to a conference paper introducing DEPs, this technical report covers an initial realization of our declarative event pattern language that leverages the power and applicability of aspect-oriented programming (AOP). We have added to AspectJ (a popular Java implementation of AOP) two straight forward language constructs to support the recognition of patterns of events. Our proof-of-concept implementation takes programs implemented in AspectJ augmented with our DEP constructs and translates them into programs implemented in standard AspectJ, equipped to recognize and respond to patterns of events as they occur in the execution of the system.
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