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Title: Case Study in Simulated Concurrent Development and Evolution: Investigating the Theme Approach
Authors: Mahmud, Shafquat
Walker, Rob
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2004
Abstract: AOSD aims at improving key software engineering properties (such as traceability, comprehensibility, and evolvability) through the separation and modularization of crosscutting concerns. The majority of AOSD research focuses on individual software engineering activities (such as implementation or requirements) in isolation. One exception to this trend is the Theme approach of Clarke and colleagues, which considers the derivation of implementations from requirements through design. Evidence is currently meager for or against the claims to this approach. This paper describes a case study involving the development and evolution of a benchmark system to evaluate these claims. Alternative decision are examined to consider whether one or more feasible development processes exist in applying Theme. Lessons learned from the study are discussed for their generalizability to other scenarios.
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