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Authors: Witten, Ian H.
Cleary, John G.
Darragh, John J.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Apr-1983
Abstract: This paper proposes a text entry device which does not use a fixed keyboard. Instead, it employs recently-developed adaptive techniques to display on a VDU predictions of the text the user is about to enter. One of these predictions is selected by the user using a suitable pointer technology. Design considerations for the system, and experience with one of its precursors, are discussed. Simulations are described which illustrate how the device will behave in practice. The use of an adaptive model of the text allows the system to predict on the basis of the language and vocabulary actually used in the text entered so far, and the model changes dynamically during the entry process. If desired, a sequence of typical text could be used to prime the device. Some possible applications and extensions include the graceful integration of spelling and syntax checkers into the predictive process, and hence into the reactive keyboard itself.
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Cleary, John

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