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Authors: Witten, Ian H.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Oct-1984
Abstract: The advent of low-cost phototypesetters is bringing the art of typography out of the print shops and into the everyday world of people who work with computers. (Perhaps it will invade homes too before long; Hewlett-Packard now markets a typesetter for 3,500 US). Computer scientists have an increasing need to know about such things as font design and font storage, line-breaking algorithms and hyphenation, page make-up and figure placement. This report brings together three separate articles on the subject, entitled The Letter, The Line, and The Page. Each stands alone, but they are included under one cover for convenience. A table of contents for each appears overpage. The aim is to tell you what you need to know to work with computer typesetting equipment. Mention is made of processes used in traditional technology when this is helpful for historical background and to understand terminology. Otherwise, no attempt is made to cover traditional aspects of typography (which is a very large subject) - the intended audience comprises computer people, not graphic arts people.
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