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Title: Interactive Implicit Modeling With Hierarchical Spatial Caching
Authors: Schmidt, R.
Wyvill, B.
Galin, E.
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 8-Mar-2005
Abstract: Complex implicit CSG models can be represented hierarchically as a tree of nodes (the BlobTree). However, current methods cannot be used to visualize changes made to these models at interactive rates due to the large number of potential field evaluations required. A hierarchical spatial caching technique is presented which accelerates evaluations of the potential function. This method introduces the concept of a caching node inserted into the implicit model tree. Caching nodes store exact potential field values at the nodes of a voxel grid and rely on tri-linear and tri-quadratic reconstruction filters to locally approximate the potential field of a sub-tree. A lazy evaluation scheme is used to avoid expensive pre-computation. Polygonization timings with and without caching are compared for a complex model undergoing manipulation in an interactive modeling tool. An order-of-magnitude improvement in visualization time is achieved for complex implicit models containing thousands of primitives.
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