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Authors: van Overveld, Kees
Wyvill, Brian
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Oct-1993
Abstract: Free form deformations are useful for describing a class of complex motions within an animation system. Such deformations have been described using a generalization of parametric surfaces and their application to modeling is well documented. In this paper we present a method that can be applied to implicit surfaces which are defined as an iso-surface around a set of skeletal elements, contributing to a scalar field. The resulting surface is approximated by a polygon mesh. Shape distortions, such as "squash and stretch" are applied automatically to models in motion by warping the space in which the models exist. A model will change its shape as the function defining the warped space can change over time or, the model will deform as it moves through the warped space. Sophisticated, possibly non-linear deformations can be achieved on arbitrarily complex surfaces. Several examples are given including a running wave simulation and a slug like creature. The interesting, non-linear motion obtained, from space warping would be difficult to reproduce using other techniques.
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