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Authors: Bradley, James
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Dec-1997
Abstract: A grodec is a versatile entity with switched growth-decay pressure behavior. Grodecs can be used to construct both grodec stack machines and accurate neuron models. A grodec needs an operating fluid, and when this fluid involves ions, pressure changes are voltage changes. A single reservoir-based grodec has the pressure-change properties of a short section of biological membrane, and can give rise to generalized, pressure-change action potentials. A pair of appropriately coupled reservoir-based grodecs can generate a much sharper action potential than can a single grodec. The action potentials from a single reservoir-based electrolytic grodec based on Na+, and from a coupled electrolytic grodec pair with one grodec based on Na+ and the other based on K+, are analysed in detail. So close is the voltage-switching mechanism and behavior of the coupled electrolytic grodec pair to those of a neuron with dual Na+ and K+ ion switching, that it is concluded that a neuron membrane can be regarded conceptually as a Na+ grodec coupled to a K+ grodec. Grodecs of any kind can be coupled in excitory or inhibitory manner to form neural nets.
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