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Authors: Lomow, Greg
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 1-Feb-1983
Abstract: Previously, the process view of simulation, which represents a model as a set of competing and cooperating entities, has been most successfully implemented in the general purpose language SIMULA. With the continuing implementation of SAMOA (Simulation And Modelling On Ada) there is now an ADA based, general purpose, discrete event simulation package which supports the process view. This paper is a discussion of the design and implementation issues inherent in SAMOA and it is also a detailed discussion of how these issues have been dealt with in SAMOA. We begin by briefly describing SAMOA and its facilities, we continue by giving an overview of SAMOA's structure, and we conclude by dealing, in detail, with a number of implementation issues. Through out this discussion we will compare and contrast SAMOA's implementation of the process view of simulation with similar packages implemented in SIMULA.
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