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Authors: Boyle, Michael
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 6-Feb-2001
Abstract: In this paper, I describe the present course of research we are pursuing related to the design, development, deployment and evaluation of ubiquitous and reactive environments for supporting casual interactions among intimate collaborators. I begin by briefly describing the work done in this area by us and by others and give some motivation for the design decisions made. I then step back from the problem to re-evaluate the designs, and question the suitability of ubiquitous computing for supporting tele-awareness and facilitation of informal interaction. I examine problems relating to privacy in the ubiquitous media space, and expose them as failures resulting from the drive for a seamless user interface. I conclude by generalizing these problems to other applications of ubiquitous computing, and revisit previously held tenets about how reactive environments should be designed and question their sanctity in light of the problems identified.
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