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Title: In-situ interaction in AR medical imaging
Authors: Deries, Sebastien
Sharlin, Ehud
Samavati, Faramarz
Keywords: Imaging
Issue Date: 16-Jun-2008
Abstract: One application of augmented reality (AR) is AR medical imaging. This technique helps physicians in analyzing medical data and preparing surgical procedures. In this paper we present a preliminary report on our efforts to implement a set of in-situ interaction techniques in AR medical imaging, supporting display and interaction with AR data on the patient's body.We briefly motivate our approach, review the state of the art and explain our ideas about displaying, tracking and interacting with in-situ AR medical data using tangible physical tools. We describe our current work, present our designed tools, scalpel and tweezers, and explain how they are integrated in a motion tracking system.
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Samavati, Faramarz

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