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Title: An Evaluation of Low Fidelity Prototyping Techniques in Agile Release Planning for Collocated Teams
Authors: Greenberg, Saul
Ghanam, Yaser
Wang, Xin
Keywords: Prototyping techniques
Issue Date: 19-Jun-2008
Abstract: In an Agile environment where the requirement elicitation is a continuous process, low-fidelity prototypes are increasingly important. Collocated Agile teams often use the traditional whiteboard to draw these prototypes and discuss it with the customer in the release planning meeting preceding each iteration. For the same purpose, SMART Boards are also being utilized by some Agile teams. A study to compares prototyping using both tools was conducted in an academic setting showing an equal preference for both tools with the whiteboard being perceived better in terms of readability and the SMART Board being deemed a better means of sharing. With tools having different pros and cons, it was suggested that both tools can be utilized in release planning meetings to do different kinds of tasks or to accommodate different room settings.
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