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Title: Keratoconjunctival effects of diabetes mellitus in dogs
Authors: Cullen, Cheryl L
Ihle, Sherri L
Webb, Aubrey A
McCarville, Carol
Keywords: dogs
Issue Date: Jul-2005
Publisher: Blackwell
Citation: Veterinary Ophthalmology (2005) 8(4), 215-224
Abstract: Objectives: To compare Schirmer tear test (STT)values, corneal sensitivity, tear film break up times (TFBUTs), and tear glucose concentrations in relation to conjunctival microflora, and conjunctival cytologic and histologic findings among diabetic cataractous, nondiabetic cataractous, and nondiabetic noncataractous dogs. Procedures: Fifteen dogs in each category underwent neuro-ophthalmic examination; aerobic and fungal conjunctival cultures; assessment of corneal touch threshold (CTT), STT, tear glucose, TFBUT; and conjunctival cytology ahd histology (in certain cases only). Degree of cataract and uveitis were critically graded. Glycemic control was estimated using serum fructosamine and glycosylated hemoglobin. Results: STT values were significantly lower in diabetic cataractous than nondiabetic noncataractous dogs. CTT of diabetic cataractous dogs was significantly lower than that of nondiabetic noncataractous dogs. Mean TFBUTs were significantly less in diabetic cataractous dogs than nondiabetic cataractous and nondiabetic noncataractous dogs. Tear glucose concentratons were significantly higher in diabetic cataractous dogs than nondiabetic cataractous and nondiabetic noncataractous dogs. Conjunctival microbial isolates did not differ among groups. There were no significant differences in degree of cataract or uveitis between diabetic cataractous and nondiabetic cataractous groups. There was mild submucosal inflammatory infiltrate in conjunctival speciments from diabetic dogs. Conjunctival epithelial dysplasia and/or squamous metaplasia was/were detected in conjunctival biopsies of 5/7 diabetic dogs. Reductions in conjuctival goblet cell (GC) densities were noted in 4/7 diabetic dogs; there were no significant differences in mean GC densities among the three groups. Conclusions: Diabtic cataractous dogs have significantly altered keratoconjunctival characteristics compared to nondiabetic cataractous and nondiabetic noncataractous dogs.
ISSN: 1463-5216
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