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Title: Gambling
Authors: Ploscowe, Morris, ed.
Lukas, Edwin J., ed.
Keywords: Gambling laws;Horse race betting;Gambling;Gambling--social issues
Issue Date: May-1950
Publisher: The American Academy of Political and Social Science
Citation: The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol.269, May 1950, 209 pp.
Abstract: This symposium represents the first attempt at an over-all analysis of the problem of gambling. It is by no means complete, for this would have required far more space than was available to us, and other techniques of assembling contributions besides that of voluntary collaboration. Nevertheless, despite the gaps and limitations of our material, of which we are painfully aware, we believe that the outstanding features of the problem of gambling have been covered objectively. Our contributors have presented data in the various articles contained herein which make it possible to answer some of the basic questions concerning gambling. SECTION CONTENT & ARTICLE TITLES: LEGAL STATUS OF GAMBLING: The law of gambling; obstacles to enforcement of gambling laws; The facilitation or gambling; gambling in Nevada; Legalized gambling in New York? VARIOUS FORMS OF GAMBLING: THE FORMS OF GAMBLING: Bookmaking; horse racing and the pari-mutuel; Slot machines and pinball games; Lotteries yesterday, today, and tomorrow; Gambling odds are gimmicked! THE GAMBLER: The professional gambler; The psychodynamics of gambling; The Pomo: A profile of gambling among indians; The argot of the dice gambler. GAMBLING IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES: Gambling in the Latin American countries; Betting on football matches in Sweden.
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