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Title: A Network Analysis of Online Forum Discussions on Executable Acceptance Test Driven Development
Authors: Park, Shelly
Maurer, Frank
Keywords: Network analysis, test driven development
Issue Date: 14-May-2009
Abstract: We performed a network analysis on an online discussion forum that discussed ideas for the next generation of testing tools for executive acceptance test driven development. We used a social network analysis to discover the underlying core concepts that in building their product vision. We used Edge- Betweenness algorithm to discover what consensus is reached and Degree Centrality algorithm to discover who are the central people facilitating the consensus in the product visioning process. We discovered three core concepts: Exploratory vs. Test automation, Business vs. Technology and Communication. We also discovered that we can identify polarizing issues in the community by identifying the people with different degree centrality in the social network. Our research shows that a social network analysis a good way discover the characteristics of consensus reached during a product visioning process.
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