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Title: Convergence Rocks!
Authors: Parent, Ingrid
Issue Date: 29-Apr-2009
Citation: Parent, Ingrid. "Convergence Rocks!". University of Calgary, Libraries and Culutral Resources, The Convergence of Knowledge and Culture Speakers Series. April 29, 2009, Calgary, AB.
Abstract: We live in an age of convergence. What does this mean for libraries, archives and museums? Ingrid Parent responds to this question by reviewing her own experiences at Library and Archives Canada, birthplace of what she calls ‘’extreme convergence’’, as well as other national and international examples of cultural institutions working together in bold new ways. From the Dunhuang Caves to the digital library, discover the exciting synergies that link today’s libraries, archives and museums.
Description: Ingrid Parent, Assistant Deputy Minister for the Documentary Heritage Collection Sector at Library and Archives Canada.
Introductory remarks by Tom Hickerson, Vice-Provost (Libraries and Cultural Resources) and University Librarian.
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