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Title: Ultrasound evaluation of the magnitude of pneumothorax: a new concept
Authors: Sargsyna, Ashote E.
Hamilton, Douglas R.
Nicolaou, Saavas
Kirkpatrick, Andrew W.
Campbell, Mark R.
Billica, Roger D.
Dawson, David
Williams, David R.
Melton, Shannon L.
Beck, George
Forkheim, Kevin
Dulchavsky, Scott A.
Issue Date: Mar-2001
Publisher: Southeaster Surgical Congress
Citation: Sargsyan AE, Hamilton DR, Nicolaou S, Kirkpatrick AW, Campbell MR, Billica RD, Dawson D, Williams DR, Melton SL, Beck G, Forkheim K, Dulchavsky SA. Ultrasound evaluation of the magnitude of pneumothorax: a new concept. Am Surg 2001;67(3):232-5.
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