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Title: Manitoba youth gambling behavior : follow-up to the 1999 AFM report
Authors: Lemaire, Jackie
Keywords: Gambling -- Manitoba -- Statistics;Teenage gamblers -- Manitoba -- Statistics
Issue Date: Sep-2004
Publisher: Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
Abstract: The 1999 prevalence study was the first step in raising awareness of youth gambling in Manitoba. While the study provided important baseline information, it highlighted the need for a follow-up study to examine stability and change in this age group. As most youth were favourable to another call in the future, a follow-up study was started in September of 2002. In total 410 youth were re-contacted from the Winnipeg Urban and Rural regions. The Northern and Western regions were not contacted due to time and resource issues. Although the youth respondents were a few years older, there were no significant differences over time for gambling participation and problem gambling rates.
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