Gambling and problem gambling in Saskatchewan. Report to the Minister’s Advisory Committee on the Social Impacts of Gaming

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Gemini Research
In November of 1993, Dr. Volberg met with representatives of the Minister's Advisory Committee on Social Impacts of Gaming to discuss the prevalence survey that was planned for Saskatchewan. Dr. Volberg reviewed the questionnaire and offered suggestions on how to maintain comparability with similar surveys in other jurisdictions. In January of 1994, Dr. Volberg was asked to provide the Advisory Committee with an expert opinion on the methods and results of the Saskatchewan gambling and problem gambling survey. In March, Dr. Volberg was asked to provide a complete analysis and report on the Saskachewan survey. The Advisory Committee was particularly interested in how the data from Saskatchewan compared with data from similar surveys in nearby jurisdictions. This report presents the results of our analysis of the gambling and problem gambling survey from Saskatchewan.
This report appears as an Appendix III in: Ministers Advisory Committee on the Social Impacts of Gaming. (1994). Report on the social impacts of gaming and the impact of gaming expansion on charitable beneficiaries. Regina, SK: Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.
Gambling -- Saskatchewan, Compulsive Gambling -- Saskatchewan