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Title: Open Access & Shades of Grey
Authors: Vaska, Marcus
Lin, Yongtao
Waller, Andrew
Reaume, Renee
Keywords: Open Access;Grey Literature;University of Calgary
Issue Date: 18-Dec-2009
Abstract: Open Access (OA) is a trend that is undoubtedly on the rise. This poster presentation showcases the role that Open Access publishing plays in the realm of grey literature (GL). OA increases access, awareness, and visibility of previously hidden material, thereby acting as an essential complement to peer-reviewed findings. This poster also highlights how Open Access is supported in Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) at the University of Calgary (U of C). There is a $100,000 Open Access Authors Fund, which helps authors pay OA article processing fees. The University of Calgary institutional repository is over six years old and is the second largest university repository in Canada. The University of Calgary Press has a few OA journals and is investigating Open Monographs. LCR has digitized a large number of resources ranging from by-laws to historical photographs and made them freely available. LCR is a node in the Synergies project which is designed to bring Canadian humanities and social sciences journals more securely into the online environment; some of these journals will be Open Access initially and other journals may opt for OA in the future. Lastly, archivists, curators, and librarians in Libraries and Cultural Resources have established a mandate to deposit the results of their scholarly activities (e.g. articles, presentations, book chapters, etc.) in the U of C institutional repository. During the First International Open Access Week, which ran from October 19-23, 2009, LCR carried out a number of activities. For instance, there was a large staffed display on OA in the main (MacKimmie) library and smaller displays in the branch libraries. The campus media reported on LCR Open Access programs daily. The week culminated with a presentation by Bioline International founder Leslie Chan to a full house. The poster presentation is also an opportunity to broaden awareness and understanding of GL and OA to research and teaching as well as to raise questions for future discussions on how to facilitate better and more responsive access to digitally-created content.
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