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Title: What is Mixed Reality, Anyway? Considering the Boundaries of Mixed Reality in the Context of Robots
Authors: Young, James
Sharlin, Ehud
Igarashi, Takeo
Keywords: Human computer interaction
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2010
Abstract: Mixed reality, as an approach in human-computer interaction, is often implicitly tied to particular implementation techniques (e.g., see-through device) and modalities (e.g., visual, graphical displays). In this paper we attempt to clarify the definition of mixed reality as a more abstract concept of combining the real and virtual worlds – that is, mixed reality is not a given technology but a concept that considers how the virtual and real worlds can be combined. Further, we use this discussion to posit robots as mixed-reality devices, and present a set of implications and questions for what this implies for mixed-reality interaction with robots.
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