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Title: A Critical Exploration of Objectivity and Bias in Gambling (and Other) Research
Authors: Borrell, Jennifer
Boulet, Jacques
Keywords: Positivism
Issue Date: 2-May-2005
Publisher: eCOMMUNITY: International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction
Citation: Borrell, J., & Boulet, J. (2005). A critical exploration of objectivity and bias in gambling (and other) research. eCOMMUNITY: International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction, 2(2), 25-39.
Abstract: The authors re-visit the basic premises of various research orientations, ranging from positivism to social constructionism, in relation to the conceptualization of the subject for study, the stance of the researcher and the associated normative research approach. Gambling research is briefly examined through the lenses of some of these various research orientations. Thereafter, a more detailed examination of the premises and methodological approach of positivism, as dominant within gambling research, and the associated natural science discourse is provided. This provides the foundation for an in-depth critique of this approach, especially in the context of industry funding, support and direction. The authors conclude that the utilization of a range of research strategies is required, and especially those that help us understand people in their social environments. They also argue that researchers are obliged to be familiar with current scholarly debates about the nature of the world and the foci of their study and methodologies that are duly congruent with the nature of what is being studied.
Description: Copyright © Masood Zangeneh, Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction
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