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Title: Pacific Islands Families: The First Two Years of Life: Gambling Amongst Pacific Mothers
Authors: Bellringer, Maria E.
Cowley-Malcolm, Esther T.
Abbott, Max W.
Williams, Maynard M.
Keywords: Gambling -- New Zealand;Gambling -- Social aspects -- New Zealand
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2005
Publisher: eCOMMUNITY: International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction
Citation: Bellringer, M. E., Cowley-Malcolm, E. T., Abbott, M. W., & Williams, M. M. (2005). Pacific islands families: The first two years of life: Gambling amongst Pacific mothers. eCOMMUNITY: International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction, 3(1), 53-60.
Abstract: Pacific peoples in New Zealand are at high risk of developing gambling-related problems; estimated to be six times more likely than the risk for New Zealand Europeans. However, there is a paucity of research investigating Pacific people’s gambling within a New Zealand context. This paper presents preliminary data, from the first data collection point, about gambling activity per se (as opposed to problem gambling) from a cohort of mothers who are part of the longitudinal Pacific Islands Families study. The data are analysed against various associated demographic and cultural variables. These early results indicate that cultural differences could play a part in gambling behaviour, for example, Tongans are more likely to gamble than Samoans, and those who partake in traditional gift giving customs are also more likely to gamble. Additionally, the data show an increased propensity for gambling amongst those with comorbid disorders, such as alcohol misuse.
Description: Copyright © Masood Zangeneh, Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction
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