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Title: Half a Century of Measuring Culture: Review of Approaches, Challenges, and Limitations Based On the Analysis of 121 Instruments for Quantifying Culture
Authors: Steel, Piers
Taras, Vas
Rowney, Julie
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Taras, V., Rowney, J., & Steel, P. (2009). Half a century of measuring culture: Approaches, challenges, limitations and suggestions based on the analysis of 121 instruments for quantifying culture. Journal of International Management, 15(4), 50-75.
Abstract: After examining 121 instruments for measuring culture, we provide a historical overview and analyze how culture has been operationalized over the last half a century. Our study focuses on the topics of culture definition, dimensionality of culture models, collection and analysis of data for measuring culture, levels of culture measurement, issues of cross-cultural survey equivalence and the reliability and validity of culture measures. For each of these topics, we provide a review of existing approaches, discuss the challenges, and suggest best practices. Based on our analysis, we identify gaps in the field of culture measurement and offer directions for future research.
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ISSN: 1075-4253
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