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Title: Wind Power and Renewable Energy in Alberta
Authors: Krivisky, Julie
Keywords: renewable energy;energy efficiency
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Canadian Institute of Resources Law
Citation: "Wind Power and Renewable Energy in Alberta", Occasional Paper No. 30 (Calgary: Canadian Institute of Resources Law, 2010)
Abstract: In 2008, the Government of Alberta proposed a strategy addressing the challenge of climate change. One of the measures proposed in this strategy envisages greening of energy production by the introduction of more sustainable ways of its production and a simultaneous increase in the use of renewable sources of energy. Such sources include, but are not limited to, the energy derived from such natural phenomena as the sun, wind, and tides. This paper focuses on wind as an alternative source of energy for a number of reasons discussed in the paper. The paper seeks to describe the regulatory framework governing wind power plants in Alberta and to assess the framework's adequacy.
Description: This report was prepared as part of a research project on Legal and Policy Issues with Respect to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Alberta, funded by the Alberta Law Foundation.
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