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Title: Gambling and society : interdisciplinary studies on the subject of gambling
Authors: Eadington, William R., ed.
Keywords: Gambling--Nevada;Gambling--Tourism;Nevada--Tourism;Gaming industry;Problem gambling;Psychology of gambling;Gambling--Social issues;Gambling systems
Issue Date: 1976
Publisher: Charles C. Thomas
Abstract: This book is an attempt to provide better information on which to base future decisions on the role of gambling in society. It includes numerous chapters realting to basic research on gambling's social, psychological and economic implications. Part One: THE LEGALIZATION OF GAMBLING 1. Gambling: Historical Highlights and Trends and their Implications for Contemporary Society - Darrell W. Bolen 2. The Legalization of Gambling in the United States: An Analysis and Forecast - Duane V. Burke 3. Some Observations on Legalized Gambling - William R. Eadington 4. Sports, Technology, and Gambling - Richard J. Schuetz, Jr. Part Two: THE ECONOMICS OF GAMBLING 5. The Economics of Gambling - George Ignatin and Robert F. Smith 6. Economic Rationality, Psychology and Decision-Making Under Uncertainty - Theodore Tsukahara, Jr. and Harold J. Brumm, Jr. 7. The Market for Pro Football Betting - Michael E. Canes 8. Economic Aspects of Nevada's Gaming Industry - William R. Eadington 9. The Business of Gaming: An Insider's View - J. George Drews 10. Profitability and Behavior of the Gaming Industry Relative to the Stock Market - James J. Noel and Stuart E. Curtis Part Three: THE SOCIOLOGY OF GAMBLING 11. The Propensity to Gamble: Some Structural Determinants - Wen Lang Li and Martin H. Smith 12. Motivations to Gamble: The Model of Roger Caillois - Robert D. Herman 13. Gambling, A Positive View - Felicia Florine Campbell 14. Alienation from Work: A Study of Casino Card Dealers - Ronald W. Smith, Frederick W. Preston and Harry L. Humphries Part Four: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF GAMBLING 15. How Gambling Saved Me from a Misspent Sabbatical - Igor Kusyszyn 16. Who Wants to be a Professional Gambler? - David P. Campbell 17. A Functional Analysis of Gambling Behavior - Terry J. Knapp 18. Searching for the Motivations in Risk Taking and Gambling - Eric S. Knowles 19. Individual Differences in Casino Gambling - D. Michael Kuhlman 20. Risk-Taking in the Presence of Others: Blackjack in the Laboratory and in the Field - G. P. Ginsburg, James J. Blascovich and Rene' C. Howe 21. Compulsive Gambling and the Conscious Mood Perspective - Tomas Martinez 22. Excitement: The Gambler's Drug - William H. Boyd Part Five: THE MATHEMATICS OF GAMBLING 23. Optimum Strategy in Blackjack - A New Analysis - Edward Gordon 24. Nonlinear Programming, Simulation and Gambling Theory Applied to Blackjack - James N. Hanson 25. The Rate of Gain in Player Expectation for Card Games Characterized by Sampling Without Replacement and an Evaluation of Card Counting Systems - Peter A. Griffin 26. Probabilities And Strategies For The Game Of Faro - Edward O. Thorp
ISBN: 0-398-03459-1
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