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Title: Managing Curriculum Convergence in Risk Management and Financial Services
Authors: Nielson, Norma
Lee, Ryan B
Kleffner, Anne E
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Finance Education Association
Citation: Lee, R. B., A. E. Kleffner, and N. L. Nielson. "Managing Curriculum Convergence in Risk Management and Financial Services" Journal of Financial Education. Vol. 27 (Spring 2001), pp. 28-34.
Abstract: This article describes how the University of Calgary has increased the flexibility offered to students in a curriculum that directly reflects the convergence occurring in the financial services marketplace. This design uses elements from existing programs in finance, risk management and insurance, as well as a few specific courses from accounting, economics, and other departments. The result is a double concentration that provides students a better understanding of financial services and of the career paths offered in the financial services industry. Students are able to select a career path early, which in turn benefits them and their future employers.
Description: Permission granted from publisher November 25, 2010.
ISSN: 0093-3961
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