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Title: The Efficacy of Mandated Insurance Coverage for AIDS
Authors: Nielson, Norma
Powers, Mark
Ralston, August
Keywords: INSURANCE law;MEDICAL care
Issue Date: Jun-1989
Publisher: National Association of Insurance Commissioners
Citation: Nielson, Norma L., M. Powers and A. Ralston. "The Efficacy of Mandated Insurance Coverage for AIDS." Journal of Insurance Regulation. Volume 7, No. 4. (June, 1989) pp.438-456.
Abstract: At least 16,000 Americans have AIDS, and the Centers for Disease Control of the United States Public Health Service estimate that as many as 1.5 million Americans may be infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus ("HIV"). As public awareness of AIDS and its associated costs grows, the likelihood increases that insurance regulators and state legislatures will face calls to prohibit insurers from denying or restricting insurance coverage for AIDS victims. This article explores the various forms such a mandate might take, the practicality of mandated AIDS coverage, and the specific provisions of medical expense plans which play the most significant role in determining coverage for AIDS patients. The analysis concludes that, for a variety of reasons, legislation amending state insurance statutes to require coverage for AIDS would probably prove an ineffective mechanism to achieve laudable social objectives.
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ISSN: 0736-248X
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