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Title: A family systems approach to hypertension
Authors: Duhamel, F.
Watson, Wendy L.
Wright, Lorraine M.
Keywords: Nursing
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses
Citation: Duhamel, F., Watson, W.L., & Wright, L.M. (1994). A family systems approach to hypertension. Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 5(4), 14-24
Abstract: This article focuses on a family systems nursing approach for essential hypertension. A case example is presented that describes the approach with a hypertensive woman with agoraphobia symptoms. A clinically significant decrease in the client's blood pressure occurred following the family sessions. Clinical observations of improved family relationships and symptom reduction corroborate research findings on the variables of perceived stress, anxiety levels and family coping resources. Interventions such as split-opinions, reframing, and rituals are described.
Description: Article deposited with permission from the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses, 1/22/2009.
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