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Title: SwarmScript 3.0 Algorithmic Specification
Authors: von Mammen, Sebastian
Steil, Scott
Jacob, Christian
Keywords: Algorithmic interpretation, situation-action pairs
Issue Date: 15-Nov-2011
Abstract: SwarmScript provides a powerful programming approach based on situation- action pairs which allow the modeller to express agent behaviours and which equally well translate into computational processes. It merges a standardized representation for modelling agent behaviours with an algorithmic interpretation for simulating the resulting interactions.[...] The next section will introduce the data model of SwarmScript v3.0, whereas Sections 3 to 5 present pseudo code for creating, modifying and running SwarmScript simulations. Section 3 introduces some technical methods for setting, updating, and querying the connectivity of SwarmScript operators. Section 4 sheds light on routines necessary for creating and editing SwarmScript behaviours, including the creation of high-level operators. Finally, the pseudo code in Section 5 shows how SwarmScript behaviours can be simulated.
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