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Title: Spidey: a Robotic Tabletop Assistant
Authors: Somanath, Sowmya
Sharlin, Ehud
Costa Sousa, Mario
Keywords: HRI, Robots
Issue Date: 23-Feb-2012
Abstract: This paper presents our efforts of exploring the possibilities of combining tabletop robots and assistant robots. Our paper presents the design and prototyping of Spidey, a robotic assistant on a tabletop environment which works together as a team member with its human companions, aware of their tabletop actions and reacting or initiating tabletop actions according to the task requirements. Spidey is designed both as a proof of concept, suggesting the benefits, and reflecting on the limitations of a robotic assistant in an interactive reservoir engineering tabletop visualization application we are implementing. This paper motivates our concept of a robotic tabletop assistant, and outlines our design efforts and the current Spidey prototype
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Costa Sousa, Mario

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