The Prevalence of Disordered Gambling among Adults in Oregon: A Replication Study

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Oregon Gambling Addiction Treatment Foundation
This study was conducted by the Oregon Gambling Addiction Treatment Foundation as part of an ongoing effort to provide empirical evidence to policy and decision makers, program managers, and the interested public regarding the estimated prevalence of problem and pathological gambling among Oregonians. Over the past 10 years, the Foundation has commissioned 6 major studies including the first adult gambling prevalence study in 1997, the first adolescent gambling prevalence study in 1998, the first older adult gambling prevalence study and an adult gambling prevalence replication study in 2001, an etiological study of pathological gambling in 2002, and this adult gambling prevalence replication study.
Permission to archive report in repository granted by Wendy Hausotter, Public Health and Prevention Coordinator, Addictions and Mental Health Division, Problem Gambling Services.
Compulsive gambling -- Oregon, Gambling -- Oregon