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Title: OneSpace: Shared Depth-Corrected Video Interaction
Authors: Tang, Anthony
Ledo, David
Aseniero, Bon Adriel
Boring, Sebastian
Keywords: Video Interaction
Issue Date: 14-Dec-2012
Abstract: Video conferencing commonly employs a video portal metaphor to connect individuals from remote spaces. In this work, we explore an alternate metaphor, a shared depthmirror, where video images of two spaces are merged into a single shared, depth-corrected video. Just as seeing one’s mirror image causes reflective interaction, the shared video space changes the nature of interaction in the video space. We realize this metaphor in OneSpace, where the space respects virtual spatial relationships between people and objects, and in so doing, encourages cross-site, full-body interactions. We report preliminary observations of OneSpace in use, describing the role of depth in our participants’ interactions. Based on these observations, we argue that the depth mirror offers new opportunities for shared video interaction.
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