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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)/Advisor(s)
21-Nov-2013Using magnetic resonance imaging in animal models to guide drug development in multiple sclerosisNathoo, Nabeela; Yong, V Wee; Dunn, Jeffrey F.; Beketskaia, Maria
11-Jul-2013Assessment of the Efficacy of MRI for Detectionof Changes in Bone Morphology in a MouseModel of Bone InjuryTaha, May A; Manske, Sarah; Kristensen, Erika; Taiani, Jaymi; Krawetz, Roman; Wu, Ying; Ponjevic, Dragana; Matyas, John; Boyd, Steven; Rancourt, Derrick; Dunn, Jeffrey F.
14-Mar-2013Local metabolic rate during whole body vibrationFriesenbichler, Bernd; Nigg, Benno M; Dunn, Jeffrey F.
8-Dec-2013Therapeutic activation of macrophages and microglia to suppress brain tumor-initiating cellsSarkar, Susobhan; Doring, Axinia; Zemp, Franz J; Silva, Claudia; Lun, Xueqing; Wang, Xiuling; Kelly, John; Hader, Walter; Hamilton, Mark; Mercier, Philippe; Dunn, Jeffery F.; Kinniburgh, Dave; van Rooijen, Nico; Robbins, Stephen; Forsyth, Peter; Cairncross, Gregory; Weiss, Samuel; Yong, V Wee
22-Mar-2014A Tale of Two Methods: Combining Near-Infrared Spectroscopy with MRI for Studies of Brain Oxygenation and MetabolismDunn, Jeffrey F.; Nathoo, Nabeela; Yang, Runze
8-Jul-2014Iron in multiple sclerosis: roles in neurodegeneration and repairStephenson, Erin; Nathoo, Nabeela; Mahjoub, Yasamin; Dunn, Jeffery F.; Yong, V. Wee
1-Jun-2015Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Reveals Reduced Interhemispheric Cortical Communication after Pediatric ConcussionUbran, Karolina J.; Barlow, Karen M.; Jimenez, Jon J.; Goodyear, Bradley G.; Dunn, Jeffrey F.
9-Jan-2015Evaluating endogenous repair of focal cartilage defects in C57BL/6 and MRL/MpJ mice using 9.4 T magnetic resonance imaging: A pilot studyMak, J.; Leonard, C.; Foniok, T.; Rushforth, D.; Dunn, Jeffrey F.; Krawetz, R.
Jan-2016Hypoxia and Inflammation-Induced Disruptions of the Blood-Brain and Blood-Cerebrospinal Fluid Barriers Assessed Using a Novel T1-Based MRI MethodNathoo, Nabeela; Jalal, Hamza; Natah, Sirajedin S.; Zhang, Qiong; Wu, Ying; Dunn, Jeffery F.
2011High altitude exposure and ischemic stroke: A literature reviewOrtiz-Prado, Esteban; Dunn, Jeffery F.
2012Detection of inter-hemispheric functional connectivity in motor cortex with coherence analysisVarshney, V.P.; Liapounova, N.; Golestani, A. M.; Goodyear, B.; Dunn, Jeffery F.
13-Sep-2012Training the Brain to Survive StrokeDunn, Jeffrey F.; Wu, Ying; Zhao, Zonghang; Srinivasan, Sathya; Natah, Sirajedin
Jan-2013Monitoring angiogenesis using a human compatible calibration for broadband near-infrared spectroscopyYang, Runze; Zhang, Qiong; Wu, Ying; Dunn, Jeffery F.
22-Nov-2016Postictal behavioural impairments are due to a severe prolonged hypoperfusion/ hypoxia event that is COX-2 dependentFarrell, Jordan; Gaxiola-Valdez, Ismael; Wolff, Marshal; David, Laurence; Dika, Haruna; Geeraert, Bryce; Wang, X Rachel; Singh, Shaily; Spanswick, Simon; Dunn, Jeffrey F.; Antle, Michael; Federico, Paolo; Teskey, G Campbell
24-Apr-2014Understanding disease processes in multiple sclerosis through magnetic resonance imaging studies in animal modelsNathoo, Nabeela; Yong, V. Wee; Dunn, Jeffrey F.
8-Jul-2014Detection of reduced interhemispheric cortical communication during task execution in multiple sclerosis patients using functional near-infrared spectroscopyJimenez, Jon J; Yang, Runze; Nathoo, Nabeela; Varshney, Vishal P; Golestani, Ali-Mohammad; Metz, Luanne M; Dunn, Jeff F
11-Feb-2016Near-infrared measurements of brain oxygenation in strokeMoreau, Francois; Yang, Runze; Nambiar, Vivek; Demchuk, Andrew M.; Dunn, Jeff F.
17-Mar-2016Intra-articular injection of synovial mesenchymal stem cells improves cartilage repair in a mouse injury modelMak, J.; Jablonski, C. L.; Leonard, C. A.; Dunn, Jeffery F.; Raharjo, E.; Matyas, J. R.; Biernaskie, J.; Krawetz, R. J.
26-May-2015Artifact reduction in long-term monitoring of cerebral hemodynamics using near-infrared spectroscopyVinette, Sarah; Dunn, Jeff; Slone, Edward; Federico, Paolo
21-Jul-2015QuantitativeT2: interactive quantitative T2 MRI witnessed in mouse glioblastomaAli, Tonima; Bjarnason, Thorarin; Senger, Donna; Dunn, Jeff F.; Joseph, Jeffery; Mitchell, Joseph
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25
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