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Title: Retaliation Against Whistleblowers is a Crime
Authors: Bowal, Peter
Keywords: LEX talionis;EMPLOYEES
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: Legal Resource Centre of Alberta Ltd. (LRC)
Citation: Bowal, P. (2011). Retaliation Against Whistleblowers is a Crime. Lawnow, 36(2), 28-34.
Abstract: The article focuses on a law under the Criminal Code of Canada to protect the employees from the retaliation by their employers. As stated, an employee who provides information to the government about the wrongdoing of their employer gets the protection from the government regulators and the retaliator employers are imprisoned for five years. It informs that the law is present under Section 425.1 of Canada's Criminal Code. It also discusses the limitations of the law.
Description: Article deposited after permission was granted by LRC, June 11, 2013.
ISSN: 0841-2626
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