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Title: Towards Next-Generation Remote Physiotherapy with Videoconferencing Tools
Authors: Tang, Anthony
Dillman, Kody
Keywords: Remote Physiotherapy, injuries
Issue Date: 25-Sep-2013
Abstract: Many common injuries can be treated effectively with physiotherapy, but getting access to this treatment is difficult for those living in remote or rural locations. To help formulate design requirements for next-generation tools for supporting remote physiotherapy (i.e. telerehabilitation), we conducted design sessions with five practicing physiotherapists. We developed three technology probes as prompts for these discussions, helping us to gain an understanding of physiotherapists’ activities and communication practices. Our analysis shows that telerehabilitation tools should be specifically designed to address communication and work in relation to clients’ physical bodies, and that visual communication can be enhanced through augmentation to videoconferencing tools and accessible hardware to account for a lack of tactile communication.
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