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Title: Comparing LibQual+ comments: Comparative analysis of comments from two surveys
Authors: Beatty, Susan
Cloutier, Claudette
Keywords: Library & Information Science;LibQual+
Issue Date: 5-Nov-2014
Abstract: While ratings and gap analysis reported in LibQUAL+TM survey results tell us where users perceive the service to be in relationship to their desired and minimum expectations, this does not give us the context of the ratings. By coding and sorting the comments we hoped to gain a finer, perhaps more exact understanding of the nature of our users’ library experiences and thereby gain some insight into the actions we can take to improve. Comments tell a story. It is up to us to try to understand the story and take action.
Description: The comments from two LibQUAL+TM surveys (2010 and 2013) were collected, coded and sorted in-house using MSExcel to better determine trends in user perceptions of their experiences with our library services
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