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Title: An Integrated Model of Ethical Decision-making: a Proposed Pedagogical Framework for a Marketing Ethics Curriculum
Authors: Agarwal, James
Malloy, David C.
Keywords: Ethics;Philosophy of Education
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Agarwal, James and David C. Malloy (2002), "An Integrated Model of Ethical Decision-Making: A Proposed Pedagogical Framework for Marketing Curriculum," Teaching Business Ethics, Vol. 6, Issue 2, pp. 245-268.
Abstract: This paper presents an integrated model of ethical decision-making in marketing that incorporates teleological, deontological and existential theory. First, this framework provides a descriptive model, which enables the decision-maker to evaluate each step of the decision-making process from three disparate perspectives in order to ensure a more comprehensive ethical decision – that is, one which is good, right, and authentic. A set of moderating factors that influence the process and the outcome of the ethical decision-making process is also identified. Second, we propose a pedagogical framework in developing a set of modules for a course curriculum on ethical decision-making in marketing. It has been argued that the approaches to teaching marketing ethics have traditionally been based upon normative theories and that students of marketing ethics have been deprived of the opportunity to personalize their value systems in ethical situations. Our proposed integrated framework allows for the student to apply personal values to bear on the decision context since existentialism, at the core foundation, is really a theory of choice.
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ISSN: 1382-6891
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