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Title: Book Review - Leasing Oil and Gas Interests: A Plain Language Account
Authors: Stewart, Fenner L.
Keywords: Leasing Oil and Gas Interests;mineral land rights
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Publisher: Canadian Institute of Resources Law
Citation: Fenner L. Stewart, "Book Review - Leasing Oil and Gas Interests: A Plain Language Account" (2015) 117 Resources 6-8
Series/Report no.: Resources;117
Abstract: Mineral Land Rights: What You Need To Know is a 127-page book broken into 10 short chapters; it can be read, with ease, in a couple of hours. The genius of this work is that anyone who has even basic reading skills can understand the content of her text … with the exception of possibly Chapter 3, entitled Mineral Land Ownership. It would be a stretch to compare Ms. Louie’s prose to that of Alistair MacLeod’s, but both share the capacity to decode complex ideas into simple, direct language.1 In fact, the book reads as though she was explaining the nuances of the oil and gas industry to you over a cup of coffee at the local Tim Hortons.
ISSN: 0714-5918
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