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Title: Designing Geovisual Analytics Application for Exploring Hydrological Data
Authors: Marbouti, Mahshid
Bhaskar, Rahul
Shakeri, Zahra
Anslow, Craig
Jackson, Leland
Maurer, Frank
Keywords: Geovisual Analytics, Hydrological Data, Environmental
Issue Date: 8-May-2015
Series/Report no.: 2015-1073-06;
Abstract: The ability to analyze and visualize large amounts of environmental and hydrological data on maps is difficult. Interaction and manipulation of data is crucial for decision making in natural disasters like floods. Hence, we present a Water Management Application (WMA), a geovisual analytics application to help analysts explore large amounts of hydrological data on web-based maps, create early flood warnings, and make strategic decisions in critical situations. With WMA we have provided monitoring and management of environmental resources which can help inform the design of future geospatial and geovisual analytics applications.
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