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Title: A Classification of Supply Chain Problems
Authors: Nault, Barrie R.
Osborn, Beverly E.
Keywords: Supply chain;Problem;Typology;Classification;Literature review
Issue Date: Nov-2012
Publisher: Canadian Centre of Science Education
Citation: Osborn, B., and B.R.Nault, "A Classification of Supply Chain Problems," Engineering Management Research, 1, 2 (November 2012).
Abstract: Supply chain problems referenced in peer-reviewed journals and selected management magazines were collected, with information about the journal, the resource affected, the cause of the problem, the solution(s) applied, and the firm(s) involved. Keywords were used to group these problems into naturally occurring categories. Nine types of supply chain problems were identified: conflict, delays, demand fluctuations, excess/unused resources, inaccuracy, insufficient resources, long tail, pricing, and security. These categories together present a comprehensive view of problems that typically affect different resources within the supply chain, and can be used to diagnose problems and to evaluate solutions.
Description: Canadian Centre of Science Education: Dr. Nault has retained copyright for this article and the rights to post it to the web. ( Article deposited according to publisher's policy 05/25/2015
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