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Title: Source Analysis Made Easy
Authors: Gavrilova, Marina
Issue Date: 12-May-2015
Abstract: Critical analysis and understanding of increasingly high volumes of information coming from various sources is one of most important factors determining the success of a researcher. The proposed workshop will establish the need for a systematic approach to source analysis, present the summary of scientific and pedagogical methods for extracting essential information from sources of various styles, lengths and sophistication, and present an interactive 45 minute long activity to support concepts learned. The activity will include analyzing the source, extracting main idea, motivation, methods used and validation of the hypothesis, building a rubric (4 quadrants) and decomposing the source into four main parts, then providing this rubric to a team member to conduct external evaluation. Real-time correlation analysis of workshop participant respondents will be conducted, so that each participant will receive an immediate feedback on the source analysis feedback.
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