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Title: Plan Before You Play: An Activity For Teaching Process
Authors: Althouse, Norm
Hedges, Peggy
Issue Date: 12-May-2015
Abstract: This session will offer delegates the opportunity to participate in a short classroom activity that uses LEGO® bricks to demonstrate and reinforce the importance of the planning process. After the activity and typical student debrief, delegates will be asked to think about how an activity such as this might fit in their class offerings and then share with a small group so that they can further refine their ideas. The session activity, Plan Before You Play (PBP), is targeted toward introductory classes and can be modified to subject specific discussions. The activity requires little investment and up-front planning, it is easily scalable, can be played in a traditional classroom setting and, with a few minor adjustments, can be altered sufficiently to discourage information drift over multiple class offerings and across academic terms. All students can participate in this activity, regardless of their level of knowledge or interest in the subject. Participating in PBP provides students a concrete example of how good communication and a decision framework can result in more efficient use of resources. The activity encourages creativity and can be used to create healthy competition between student groups. Instructors using this activity have found it to provide a tangible example that can be used numerous times throughout a term to help remind students about the importance of proper planning.
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