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Title: Experiences of a Collaborative Instructional Team in Support of Online Learning
Authors: Lock, Jennifer
Soroski, Trisa
Cassie, Belina
Hickey, Evelyn
Issue Date: May-2014
Citation: Lock, J., Soroski, T., Cassie, B., Hickey, E. "Experiences of a Collaborative Instructional Team in Support of Online Learning ". 2014. In P. Preciado Babb (Ed.). Proceedings of the IDEAS: Rising to Challenge Conference, pp. 133-140. Calgary, Canada: Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.
Abstract: Through the intentional design of a community of practice, a team of instructors engaged in professional conversations and meaningful collaboration to empower themselves as online educators and to promote critical reflection ‘in’ and ‘on’ action. This community of practice helped inform course design, development and implementation, which strengthened the overall online program. In this article, the instructors share their experiences and insights into working as a collaborative team and present three recommendations for collaborating in support of the development and facilitation of an online graduate program.
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