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Title: Physio@Home: Exploring visual guidance and feedback techniques for physiotherapy patients at home
Authors: Tang, R.
Yang, X.
Tang, A.
Bateman, S.
Jorge, J.
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: ACM
Abstract: Physiotherapy patients exercising at home alone are at risk of re-injury since they do not have corrective guidance from a therapist. To explore solutions to this problem, we designed Physio@Home, a prototype that guides people through pre-recorded physiotherapy exercises using real-time visual guides and multi-camera views. Our design addresses several aspects of corrective guidance, including: plane and range of movement, positions and angles of joints to maintain, and extent of movement. We evaluated our design, comparing how closely participants could follow exercise movements in various feedback conditions. Participants were most accurate when using the visual guide and multi-views. Based on our qualitative findings on the visual complexity of the feedback, we conclude with suggestions for exercise guidance systems.
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