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Title: Proxemics Play: Understanding Proxemics for Designing Digital Play Experiences
Authors: Mueller, F.
Stellmach, S.
Greenberg, S.
Dippon, A.
Boll, S.
Garner, J.
Khot, R.
Naseem, A.
Altimira, D.
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: ACM
Abstract: Digital games are increasingly profiting from sensing technologies. However, their focus is mostly on sensing limb movements. We propose that sensing capabilities could also be used to engage players with proxemics: the interpersonal distance between players. We further propose that wireless networks offer complementary distance zones for designers, opening up the design space by offering novel design resources for digital play. We use our own as well as other games to articulate a set of strategies on how designers can utilize both proxemics and the new wireless proxemics to facilitate novel play experiences. Ultimately, with our work, we aim to expand the range of digital play.
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