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Title: Adapting Existing Applications to Support New Interaction Technologies: Technical and Usability Issues
Authors: Andreychuk, Darren
Ghanam, Yaser
Maurer, Frank
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: ACM
Abstract: Engineering interactive systems for use on emerging technologies such as touch-enabled devices and horizontal displays is not straightforward. Firstly, the migration process of a system from an old hardware platform to new multi-touch displays is challenging. Issues pertaining to scaling, orientation, new input mechanisms, novel interaction techniques and different SDKs need to be examined. Secondly, even after we manage to understand and resolve these issues, we need to find effective ways to migrate applications and maintain them. This paper contributes a thorough analysis of the technical and usability issues that need to be considered when migrating systems to different touch-enabled technologies including vertical and horizontal displays.
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