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dc.contributor.authorSeyed, Teddy
dc.contributor.authorRodrigues, Francisco Marinho
dc.contributor.authorMaurer, Frank
dc.contributor.authorTang, Anthony
dc.description.abstractMedical imaging specialists have traditionally used keyboard and mouse based techniques and interfaces for examining both 2D and 3D medical images, but with newer imaging technologies resulting in significantly larger volumes of 3D medical images, these techniques that have become increasingly cumbersome for imaging specialists. To replace traditional techniques, using mobile devices present an effective means for navigating and exploring complex 3D medical data sets, as they provide increased fluidity and flexibility, leveraging people's existing skills with tangible objects. 3D interactions using mobile devices may provide benefit for imaging specialists, but little is known about using these interactions in the medical imaging domain. In this paper, we explore the design of 3D interaction techniques using mobile devices and preliminary feedback from imaging specialists suggests that these interactions may be a viable solution for the medical imaging domain.en_US
dc.titleExploring 3D volumetric medical data using mobile devicesen_US

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