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Title: TouchRAM: A Multitouch-Enabled Tool for Aspect-Oriented Software Design
Authors: Abed, Wisam Al
Bonnet, Valentin
Schottle, Matthias
Yildirim, Engin
Alam, Omar
Kienzle, Jorg
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: This paper presents TouchRAM, a multitouch-enabled tool for agile software design modeling aimed at developing scalable and reusable software design models. The tool gives the designer access to a vast library of reusable design models encoding essential recurring design concerns. It exploits model interfaces and aspect-oriented model weaving techniques as defined by the Reusable Aspect Models (RAM) approach to enable the designer to rapidly apply reusable design concerns within the design model of the software under development. The paper highlights the user interface features of the tool specifically designed for ease of use, reuse and agility (multiple ways of input, tool-assisted reuse, multitouch), gives an overview of the library of reusable design models available to the user, and points out how the current state-of-the-art in model weaving had to be extended to support seamless model reuse.
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